esr dating lab

The ESR dating laboratory is organised in two main areas, (i) the Sample prep facility and (ii) ESR spectrometer laboratory.

  • Sample prep facility, is a general area dedicated to prepping archaeological samples. The room hosts several essential pieces of equipment for optimal sample preparation such as dentistry drill with plexiglass vacuumed box, circular saws, microscope, basic chemical preparation equipment.

  • ESR spectrometer laboratory correspond to a small dark room that host the world first transportable ESR spectrometer dedicated to the direct dating fossils remains. The spectrometer is a MS5000 by Freiberg Instrument, with UV lamp, goniometer, X-ray irradiation chamber, auto-sampling pivoting arms and high and low temperature set-up. The spectrometer can also be linked to a Laser or a UV system for simultaneous radical generation and measurements

ESR lab.png