2019-Field School Summer Program South Africa

WU's Drimolen Cave Field School Summer Program
Krugersdorp, South Africa

The Drimolen Cave Field School will provide students with a hands-on introduction to methods of paleontology, geology and survey in a setting provided by one of the more important paleoanthropological sites in the Africa. The objective of the field school is to give students an introduction to everything they need to know about paleoanthropology in South Africa.

The most distinctive quality of the field school is that it allows students to excavate at a site that has yielded extremely important fossils relevant to human evolution. These include the most complete skull ever found of Paranthropus robustus, an early human relative from South Africa dating to nearly 2 million years ago. The site has also produce fossils of some of the earliest known members of the genus Homo, the group to which we belong. In recent years, students themselves have discovered important human fossils. For anyone interested in paleoanthropology, human evolution, or the evolutionary sciences in general, this can be a transformative experience. Typically, human fossils are discovered every year.

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